Child Support

Child support is a financial contribution paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent (parent with the majority time-sharing) towards the expenses of raising his or her children. Florida law states that both parents have a responsibility to provide financial support to each child until the child turns 18 or completes high school.

The amount of child support to be paid is subject to the child support guidelines of the State of Florida, and based on factors such as:

  • The parents income

  • Time spent with each parent

  • Total number of children

  • Health insurance and medical expenses paid by one parent

  • Day care expenses paid by one parent

  • Other specific issues which may be unique to the specific child custody or visitation situation

Under certain circumstances, when child support payments are denied by the parent ordered to pay child support, the court may order wage garnishment, or criminal charges may be brought against the child support offender.

Because of the various factors, each child support case is different. Many individuals compare their cases to other individuals and question the award they receive without fully assessing the time-sharing or the parents combined income. One of the first questions many family law clients have is “how much child support can I expect to receive after my divorce or custody proceeding is completed?” Our firm is ready to help!

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